Extra Car Valeting Services Cornwall

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Kernow Shine Valeting is a small running business in the centre of Newquay we take pride in all work we do and do the job to the best of its ability to get the best out come for your car.

Kernow shine has a high standard of customers that have built over the years we get a lot of customers based on recommendation all vehicles are detailed to the highest outcome every time no vehicle goes until we get the best finished result, are aim is to leave are customer’s speechless.

Service Details

Exterior Detailing

This kind of detailing is to bring back that shine on a vehicles paint work to the chrome trim, wheels, windows, as well as any other visible components within the exterior we use to quality products, high detail pre wash products, degreasers, shampoos, wax’s, polishers and glazes and them most important Finishing touches using a mix of applicators from brushes to top end quality clothes to give the best finishes to make you stand out from the crowd.

Detailing is a top way of improving your cars appearance this is the best way to get a show quality finish. The best level of detail weather your cars up for sale or you just want that head turning look with a through clean with a wax and a polish both inside and out of the vehicle it sure does bring back the best visual aspects of your car.

Paint Correction

Using a Electric machine polisher is a rotary movement polisher which has a constant moving direct spinning action. This Is called direct drive or to use a dual action machine which uses a random orbital action as well as rotary action we use a large verity of pads when using this machine wool, Foam or Microfiber these can be used to remove fine swirls, fine scratches most paint corrections are the best way to go when your come across improper drying or washing techniques.

Paint correction involves using a application of a high standard of wax either as a liquid form or as a paste this will protect you vehicle from bug splatter, dirt from attacking the paint work, Grease or tar.

Interior Detailing

This will be a full clean of the car from passenger compartment to the boot of the vehicle All dash area, windows, seats to carpets will all be cleaned extensively vacuuming to steam cleaning liquid cleaners may be used to remove any stains.

Also polishing panels to providing the best possible clean for you interior.

Chrome Trims

Using are chrome cleaning products we can bring your chrome trims, front grills, handles back to life with that amazing finishing shine using are top quality brushes and clothes to give that extra top finish depending on the chromes condition.

We also have a step by step guide with are machine polisher to uplift the quality of chrome to get it back to life.

Clay Barring

Clay barring involves a forwards and backwards movement over the vehicles paintwork boot doors wheels this removes any blemishes within the paintwork, everyday air bone partials all badges are cleaned with a soft brush.

When your vehicles been cleaned we rise it with a low setting on the presser washer this gives off a very smooth surface and a very pleasing shine this also gives the best finish when starting a machine polish that will make you stand out from the rest.

Car Polishing

Using are high quality polishing liquids which gives a sealant and shine finish protects your cars bodywork all polishing will include doors struts, boot and engine shuts. We also apply wheel sealant when using this service which will prevent brake dust bonding to them when the process is finished. We will spray and apply a quick detailing wax to give your car that extra touch.

Machine polishing used on each panel on the vehicle to bring the area back to life, This is also done to the door struts boot struts to give that incredible shine. We only use top quality Microfiber pads and high standard of polishers and glazes for the best results these can be used to remove fine swirls and eliminate fine scratches when machine polishing is complete we spray are fine finishing detailers to give you the best shine possible.


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